The Ultimate Bollywood Pop Singing Masterclass

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About Course

The Ultimate Bollywood Pop Singing Masterclass by @VoiceOfRitu

This is one of the most practical and easy to understand curated professional singing course, which makes you STAND OUT in the crowd.

These online classes are specifically designed for you—who want to make it big as professional singers—to go from being just a singer to an absolute star performer.

Imagine being able to sing any song; and doing it in just a few days or months, without wasting money, time, and effort on traditional music lessons.  All the videos in this course have display material as well, so that you can perfectly understand the various terminologies with ease.

This course is specially designed to take your singing skills from a complete beginner to a full-blown professional pop singer level fast, ensuing a very strong foundation and understanding.

These lessons are conceptualized to teach Bollywood Singing in a fun, logical, and professional way, so you can feel the difference in your ability to sing within just a few weeks.


I have kept it simple, straight forward, and easy to understand it all from the very basic level. In these lessons, I’ve poured all the things learned over time and years of my experience in the industry. Everything has been kept simple, yet extremely knowledgeable, yet focused.

Everyone has the talent, what it takes to be different is an EDGE , the X-Factor to stand out. This is what exactly this course offers you. The key is to be patient, being consistent and taking one step at a time.

You can always go back to any of the lessons if you need any clarification on a specific topic or concept. The aim is to provide you with all the vital information required, all the things that one must know.

Be patient, we all started from somewhere. And it’s time for you to start your journey through Bollywood

Can’t wait to see you there! 🙂





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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn how to find YOUR voice
  • Finding the SUR
  • Understanding different types of octaves
  • Knowledge of the correct body posture
  • Learn the concept of vocal dynamics
  • Learn vocal warm ups
  • Identifying the importance and use of correct diction
  • Learn to increase your vocal range
  • Understanding and identifying vibrato in voice

Course Content


Finding Your Voice

Finding the SUR

Understanding Octaves

The Correct Body Posture

The Voice Dynamics

The Voice Warm Up

The Diction

Increase Your Range

The Vibrato

Protecting your voice

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